Cabinet Color Trends

Colorful influences in kitchen and bath design

Whether you're upgrading a current home or renovating a newly purchased one to fit your long-term needs, we've assembled some current cabinet color trends for inspiration. Many of these color trends reflect a shift toward rooms designed in more purposeful ways, pairing great style with smart function.

Refined Neutrals and Earth Tones

Many homeowners are choosing neutral cabinet colors to work with a variety of design elements as more and more of them decide to stay in their current home longer. Not only do these new, earthy neutral color palettes provide visual warmth, but they also seamlessly blend with the rest of the house. Mineral tones evoking slate, graphite and ore offer a deep-in-the-earth sense of solidity to a space.

Cues From Mother Nature

Today's cabinet color trends are a reflection of her own sense of style and her impeccable eye for color. Color palettes are reflecting Mother Nature's best in the kitchen and bath, from colors of vibrant foliage green to variations of golden wheat fields. Cabinet colors and finishes stemming from atmospheric influences evoke clouds, fog or mist while bringing a natural calmness to interior spaces.

Color Blocking

A vision of luxury in our lives will be created by using graphic color blocks in combinations of timeless, luscious hues. Lustrous black and icy white, brilliant red and creamy camel; timeless navy and deep chesterfield green. Easily satisfy the yearning for a luxurious look through color blocking with contrasting cabinetry colors.

Depth of Color

More than ever, color trends provide a solid foundation for a wide range of kitchen and bathroom color schemes. Classic grays get more intense. Rich chestnut undertones make browns stronger. Influences of indigo and inky-black make blues stronger. Dark monotone themes look stunning in bathrooms with glossy black surfaces and in kitchens with rich, dark finishes.

Simply Gorgeous Grays

Gray cabinetry has become much more popular, offering bathrooms and kitchens a sleek, sophisticated look. Gray is a versatile neutral that emphasizes the style of modern, plain cabinet doors without detracting from the elegance of the space as a whole. Deep, mineral-toned gray cabinets combined with lighter gray cabinets will add a cool contrast.

Whites and Off-Whites

White cabinets convey a desire for peace in the home environment and have a flexible design that will last for years. Offer a cheery counterpoint to the darker neutrals frequently paired with off-white or white cabinet tones.

Cool, Comfortable Blues

Blues are a calming option for contemporary interiors and go well with the neutral color scheme. Muted colors of the sky and water and pale, spa blues provide a lovely complement to raw wood finished cabinets, creating a cozy and relaxing ambience.