Kitchen Cabinet Accessories from Mid Continent Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

The kitchen is one of the most used Cabinet spaces in a house. Kitchens require many different preparation areas, tools, and storage solutions to keep all your appliances, dishes, ingredients, utensils, dishware, and receptacles. Mid Continent understands that the kitchen can be a busy place, and we have developed solutions to help keep kitchens clean, organized, and presentable.

We provide a wide variety of kitchen cabinetry accessories. Fold out mixing stands, hiding cutting boards, and more are all available to increase your productivity and provide additional food prep areas. These accessories are a great way to make the most out of your kitchen cabinetry, and are designed to be as elegant and strong as the cabinets themselves.

Cabinets have more potential than ever before. With our line of Kitchen Cabinetry Accessories, you can transform your cabinets into so much more than simple storage space. Having custom cabinets doesn't have to stop at the style and color. You can accessorize your cabinets and make your space unique to your tastes and needs. Release the full potential of your cabinetry by making it organized and personalized.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Cabinet Mixer Shelf

Cabinet Mixer Shelf

Mixers are big and bulky, and not often used. Store it away and bring out extra counter space when you need it.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Cutting Board

Cutting Board

Thin cutting board easily hides away above cabinets or drawers. Provides a large, hidden, secondary prep surface.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Knife Storage

Knife Storage

Keep knives organized and sharp with our knife storage accessory. Fits knives of all shapes and sizes.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Spice Rack

Spice Rack

Counter space can be limited, so keep your spices stored away from harmful sun rays with a cabinet spice rack.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizer

Keep flatware, silverware, and other serving utensils perfectly organized within the drawer.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Two Tier Cutlery Divider

Two Tier Cutlery Divider

Store additional cutlery in small drawer by implementing a two-tier system. Store more and search less.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Sink Base Liner

Sink Base Liner

Keep your under-sink storage ara clean and prevent chemicals and cleaners from spilling onto your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Dish Towel Door Rack

Dish Towel Door Rack

Store towels away neatly and quickly. Hanging for easy access, while providing optimal drying while remaining tucked away.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Sink Storage Door Rack

Sink Storage Door Rack

Keep frequently used items close at hand while at the sink. Neatly holds items and provides easy access.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Sink Storage Pull Out

Sink Storage Pull Out

Keep cleaning items tucked away on one side while maintaining easy access for all items.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Door Cutting Board Rack

Door Cutting Board Rack

Keep your cutting boards on the door, allowing for easy access. Avoid having other things stacked on top of your flat cutting boards.

Our full line of cabinet accessories and cabinet storage options are available for your cabinet project. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us for more information, or Locate An MCC Dealer to start your home cabinet project today!

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