Yellow Painted Kitchen Cabinets with Stainless Steel Appliances from Mid Continent Cabinetry

James Keat

I have been meaning to send you this thank you for a number of months. In February I sent you an e-mail asking your help in resolving a problem with a Midcontinent refrigerator panel…

The original panel…had to be replaced when the installer, unfortunately, made an unneeded toe cut on the bottom of the refrigerator panel. The Kitchen Shop did not think anything could be done except send in an order for a new panel and see what was sent back…

I sent you the February 22nd e-mail asking for help and you immediately responded. A plan was set up with The Kitchen Shop and you solved the problem. You stained a new panel that matched perfectly. It has been installed and we are completely satisfied.

Our kitchen is beautiful. The Midcontinent cabinets are wonderful. The panel is perfect. One thing needs to be done. A picture of our kitchen needs to be in a magazine that features beautiful and well done kitchens with excellent cabinets.

Thank you again for your help. We appreciate the time and effort you gave to solve a problem for just one customer. You truly are a great company that offers a good product with a wonderful attitude toward the home owner.

James Keat

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