Wood Glaze Kitchen Cabinets in a Yellow Kitchen from Mid Continent Cabinetry

Cabinet Door Style Options


Square Design

Square Cabinet Door Style

The Square Door Style is a basic design. The stiles and rails are combined around a center panel creating a door for any cabinetry need. Variations to the center panel, overlay, edging profile and species result in over 47 door style offerings. Complementing Drawer Fronts are found on base and vanity cabinetry.

Arch Design

Arch Cabinet Door Style

The Arch Door Style option creates interest, detail and points of differentiation in a design. Available on Wall and Vanity cabinetry only, the overlay, center panel and edging profiles match the corresponding square door design with the only change being to an arched top rail.


On framed cabinetry overlay refers to the area in which the door and drawer cover the face frame. Mid Continent Cabinetry offers two overlay options on a variety of door styles.

Standard 1/2" Overlay

Standard Overlay

When the door and drawer are mounted on the cabinet the face frame will be visible.

Full 1 1/4" Overlay

Full Overlay

The stiles and rails of the door are wider and the drawer front is larger, resulting in minimal visibility of the face frame. The look is similar to that of frameless cabinetry.

Center Panel

Refers to the panel in the center of the door which can be raised or recessed. Mid Continent Cabinetry offers a variety of panel options noted by style to include; Veneer, Solid Wood (CPO) and Rustic Hickory.